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Stella Kennou

Stella Kennou Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

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Last updated: June 2009


1984: PhD in Physics, Univ. of Ioannina, Greece
1976: Diploma in Physics, Univ. of Ioannina, Greece


Previous Employment/Occupation:

2002-2007: Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Patras, Greece
1999-2002: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Patras, Greece
1990-1999: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Ioannina, Greece
1984-1990: Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Ioannina, Greece
1991-1999: ICE/HT - FORTH, Patras, Visiting Scientist
1999-present: Collaborating Faculty member
1980-02.1982, 1987-1988, 1989, 1990: LEPES/CNRS, Grenoble, Research Associate (on sabbatical)
1988: Fritz-Haber Institute of the MPS , Berlin, Visiting Scientist, (with Prof. G. Ertl)
1992: Universite de Grenoble I,visiting Professor


Research Activities:

Surface physics and chemistry:
- interaction of metals and gases on metallic and semiconducting surfaces
- bimetallic thin films on oxide surfaces
- study of thin metallic film / semiconductor interfaces, and
- thin organic films with metal, semiconductor or organic interfaces with surface science experimental techniques.
Surface characterization of carbon based materials, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, boron nitride , rare earth metal oxide and high -k oxide thin films prepared with various methods ( RF sputtering, CVD , molecular beam epitaxy etc) for microelectronic device applications by surface science experimental techniques.


Participation in Research Projects:

Participation in nineteen Research Projects (in six of them as a Scientific Co-ordinator) during the last fifteen years , funded from both national and international sources, with a number of collaborators in Greece and abroad.



Refereed Publications: 80
Conference Proceedings: 6


Citation Index:

700 (without self citations)


Conference Participation/Attendance:

Participation in international conferences: 50
Participation in national conferences: 45


Teaching Activities:

Graduate and undergraduate courses in : Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetism), Thermodynamics, Solid State Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Materials, Surface Science.


Professional affiliations:

Member: Greek Micro and Nano society, Condensed Matter Hellenic Society, Hellenic Association of Physists.


Selected Publications:

  • ''Formation and electronic properties of Erbium silicide on Si(100)'', Kennou, J.Y. Veuillen and T.A. Nguyen Tan, Surface Sci.,307-309 (1994) 258
  • ''An X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Work Function Study of the Er/a- SiC(0001)'', S.Kennou, J.Appl. Physics 78 (1995) 587
  • "A study of gold ultrathin growth on yttria-stabilized ZrO2 (100)", Zafeiratos, S. Kennou, Surface Sci., 443 (1999) 238
  • "Photoelectron spectroscopy study of surface alloying in the Au/Ni (s) 5 (100)x(111) system", Zafeiratos and S. Kennou", Applied Surface Sci., 173 (2001) 69
  • "A Photoelectron Spectroscopy study of Au thin films on ZrO2 (100)", Zafeiratos, S. Neophytides and S. Kennou, Thin Solid Films, 386 (2001) 583
  • "A complementary study of bonding and electronic structure of amorphous Carbon films by electron spectroscopy and optical techniques", P. Patsalas, M. Handrea, S. Logothetidis, M. Gioti, S. Kennou and W. Kautek, Diamond and Related Materials, 10 (2001) 960
  • "Gold and Ni bimetallic ultrathin films on yttria-stabilized ZrO2(100)", S. Zafeiratos and S. Kennou, Journ. of Phys. Chemistry B, 106 (2002) 41
  • "Variation of nitrogen incorporation and bonding configuration of carbon nitride films studied by XPS and FTIR spectroscopic ellipsometry", S. Kennou, S. Logothetidis, L. Sygellou, A. Laskarakis, D. Sotiropoulou, Y. Panayiotatos, Diamond and Related Materials, 11 (2002) 1183
  • "Growth and interfacial studies of the conjugated Ooct-OPV5 Oligomer on Si and SiO2 substrates", Papaefthimiou, A. Siokou, and S. Kennou, Journ. of Applied Physics, 42 (2002)
  • "A study of the interface formation between gold and a conjugated thin film", V. Papaefthimiou, A. Siokou and S. Kennou, Surface Science, 532-535 (2003), 255
  • "Structure-dependent electronic properties of nanocrystalline Cerium oxide films", P. Patsalas and S. Logothetidis, L. Sygellou and S. Kennou, Physical Review B, 68 (2003) 035104
  • "Electronic properties of a semiconducting oligomer/silicon (111) interface: Influence of silicon doping, V. Papaefthimiou and S. Kennou, Applied Physics Letters 86 (2005) 222106
  • "Growth of stochiometric SiO2 nanoisland arrays on Si through anodic porous alumina application in silicon Quantum Dot Self-Assemly", Kokonou, A.G. Nassiopoulou, K. Giannakopoulos, A. Travlos, T. Stoica, and S. Kennou, Nanotechnology, 17 (2006) 2146
  • "The electronic structure of Ni-Phthalocyanine/metal interfaces studied by X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron spectroscopy", F. Petraki, V. Papaefthimiou and S. Kennou, Organic Electronics, 8 (2007) 522-528
  • "The electronic properties of Nickel Phthalocyanine and a PEDOT:PSS film", F. Petraki and S. Kennou, Journ of Applied Physics, 103 (2008)
  • Morphology, structure, chemical composition and light emitting properties of very thin anodic films , fabricated using short single pulses of current", Gardelis, F. Petraki, S. Kennou, I. Tsiaoussis, N. Frangis, and A.G. Nassiopoulou, Journ. of Applied Physics, 103 (2008) 103536
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