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Contribution of FORTH/ICE-HT to the groundbreaking discovery of Graphene - The perfect atomic lattice

The close collaboration of FORTH/ICE-HT with the 2010 Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics is another example of the forefront scientific research conducted at the Institute in the field of nanomaterials and their applications.


The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene". More information, intended for the general public, on graphene and the relevant work of the Laureates can be found here.

Professor Costas Galiotis, Collaborating Faculty Member of FORTH/ICE-HT and his associates from both the Institute (Dr. J. Parthenios) and the University of Patras (Assistant Professor K. Papagelis) collaborate closely with the group of the Laureates in Manchester and some results of their joined work are described in the following publications:

The research activity at FORTH/ ICE-HT and the University of Patras in Greece is concerned with the study of the mechanical behaviour of graphene in both tension and compression but also the production and study of nanocomposites based on graphene. Within that framework the group also examines in some detail the Physics of graphene by means of laser Raman spectroscopy.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has announced that the project of FORTH/ICE-HT entitled "Mechanical behaviour of two-dimensional crystals: The case of graphene" has been selected for sponsorship for the year 2011.

The project team consists of Costas Galiotis (Coordinator, FORTH-ICE-HT/University of Patras), Konstantin Novoselov (University of Manchester), Konstantinos Papagelis (University of Patras), John Parthenios (FORTH-ICE-HT) and Dimitrios Tassis (University of Patras).

Since 2008, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has included among its activities the funding of one-year research projects. The main purpose of the Foundation's initiative is to advance research activities in a wide range of scientific fields in Greece and to promote collaborations between Greek and foreign universities and research foundations. For the year 2011, 249 proposals were submitted in the area of Natural Sciences, in which, only 7 have been accepted, among them that of graphene as above.

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