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RA2: Energy / Environment

The research activities at FORTH/ICE-HT in the fields of Energy and the Environment focus on new technologies in the frame of sustainable development.

Regarding Energy, the activities focus on fuel cell technologies for energy production, new batteries and hydrogen production and purification putting the emphasis on highly efficient processes and minimal environmental emissions. The applied methodologies refer to functional materials and structures and their incorporation in integrated chemical and electrochemical systems. The development of advanced technologies for recovery of energy and high added value products, as well as, biofuels production from wastes is another group of activities. Research related to flexible and hybrid solar cell technologies focus mainly in the synthesis of new polymeric materials while another important activity is the synthesis of composite materials and their application in wind energy technologies mainly in the construction of blades of high-damping characteristics.

In the field of the Environment, there are many research activities related to the development of methods for control and mitigation of environmental pollution of soil and groundwater and stabilization of unconsolidated soil. Another branch of research activities deals with Resource Efficiency including advanced technologies for waste treatment, recycling of construction materials and monuments preservation and restoration. Additionally, air quality and climate change are investigated by laboratory and field measurements combined with model development and application to solve problems related to local, urban, regional, and global air quality and their interactions with climate change.

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